入社の動機は?-What motivated you to join the company

The company works with the construction industry, more specifically with tunnels of different countries and the company has a good reputation worldwide.
So, I felt interested to work for this sector. I also found a good development team consists of many engineers from Japan and overseas.

入社して感じたことは?-What did you feel after joining the company?

I am thrilled to get a good management body and team members who are very supportive and caring which make me very comfortable to work in this company.

現在の仕事内容は?-What is your current job?

I joined as a programmer in the Overseas R&D section, a part of the development group. Now I am working as a supervisor of the section.

仕事で辛いことはある? -Do you have a hard time at work?

I get many challenging tasks at work which I enjoy.


仕事で楽しいことはある? -Is there anything fun at work?

There is a lot of fun while working with my co-workers. Apart from this, we celebrate our success together, have a party on different occasions and even we travel together on holiday.


休日の過ごし方 -How to spend the holidays

I spend holidays by traveling, studying Japanese in a voluntary school, hanging out with friends, and playing Cricket/badminton/Football.

これから入社を考えている後輩へメッセージ -Message to juniors

If anyone wants to learn new technologies and grow as a team, this company sets the platform. Joining here will not only develop one’s skills & knowledge but also, he/she will enjoy his/her work life.



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